Monday, October 26, 2009

I've decided this blog is dumb. I like to write, but I promise to never mention Ernest Hemingway while using this medium ever again.

Thought of the day as I sit at my desk on a Monday morning: People are stupid and should leave me alone. If you're going to call me to b**ch about not being reimbursed for something (which wasn't my mistake), might want to make sure you haven't been errantly over-reimbursed for quite some time now. That's right hooker, you now owe the company money. Don't mess. Too bad you just cost your kid a Christmas gift for being a dumb b**ch. Oh, and yes, I did get your message at 5 p.m. Friday. Q: Why didn't I call you back, then? A: I wanted to make sure that Payroll (who leave at frickin 4 pm on Fri.) had absolutely no way of cutting you a check or dropping money into your account. You'd just spend it on meth anyway (there's another Christmas present for little Tommy down the drain). Eat it.

Happy Monday.

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