Monday, November 16, 2009

Rare Sports Blog

If you're a college football fan, you've undoubtedly heard the fuss surrounding Charlie Weis, head coach for Notre Dame. All said, "fans" are calling for his head because he "has not produced" up to some undetermined expectation set for him apparently by these "fans." The point I would like to make briefly is that those criticizing the coach's performance need to quickly and clearly realize that he has and continues to do an outstanding job in my opinion with a group of student athletes that are held at a much higher standard (academically and otherwise) than those you find at a state school. Let us remember that Notre Dame is a private institution. Furthermore, "fans" need to realize that there is more at stake here than just the coach's feelings and future...there are his kids, his wife, and assistant coaches and their families that are affected by the anxiety of a media attack and subsequent fallout that will surely follow. Yes, I happen to be a Notre Dame fan, but I'm tired of seeing coaches being persecuted. They don't play the game for their players. Ever make any mistakes at your job? Are you guilty at work until you struggle to prove otherwise? Keep it, and the continuous ND sellouts, in mind.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I just signed on to follow my own blog. I'm getting dizzy going in circles following this a**hole.
I've decided this blog is dumb. I like to write, but I promise to never mention Ernest Hemingway while using this medium ever again.

Thought of the day as I sit at my desk on a Monday morning: People are stupid and should leave me alone. If you're going to call me to b**ch about not being reimbursed for something (which wasn't my mistake), might want to make sure you haven't been errantly over-reimbursed for quite some time now. That's right hooker, you now owe the company money. Don't mess. Too bad you just cost your kid a Christmas gift for being a dumb b**ch. Oh, and yes, I did get your message at 5 p.m. Friday. Q: Why didn't I call you back, then? A: I wanted to make sure that Payroll (who leave at frickin 4 pm on Fri.) had absolutely no way of cutting you a check or dropping money into your account. You'd just spend it on meth anyway (there's another Christmas present for little Tommy down the drain). Eat it.

Happy Monday.

Friday, October 16, 2009

So much for profound posts - I got a flu shot yesterday. Let me preface this by saying I never get sick. The shot was free at work, so WTF? So I get it, and lo and behold, last night I feel like someone took a baseball bat to my body and I have a fever. Today, I'm fine.
Let this be a lesson to you. "No, a flu shot can't make you sick." My ass.

Call it a "side effect" then. It's still a pretty damn sick feeling.