Monday, November 16, 2009

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If you're a college football fan, you've undoubtedly heard the fuss surrounding Charlie Weis, head coach for Notre Dame. All said, "fans" are calling for his head because he "has not produced" up to some undetermined expectation set for him apparently by these "fans." The point I would like to make briefly is that those criticizing the coach's performance need to quickly and clearly realize that he has and continues to do an outstanding job in my opinion with a group of student athletes that are held at a much higher standard (academically and otherwise) than those you find at a state school. Let us remember that Notre Dame is a private institution. Furthermore, "fans" need to realize that there is more at stake here than just the coach's feelings and future...there are his kids, his wife, and assistant coaches and their families that are affected by the anxiety of a media attack and subsequent fallout that will surely follow. Yes, I happen to be a Notre Dame fan, but I'm tired of seeing coaches being persecuted. They don't play the game for their players. Ever make any mistakes at your job? Are you guilty at work until you struggle to prove otherwise? Keep it, and the continuous ND sellouts, in mind.

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